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I inherited my parents love of animals. I have always been blessed to enjoy the companionship of many pets, especially Bear, Binx, and Ivan. I have also been fortunate to meet some wonderful people who love helping animals as much as I do and who have been mentors to me, including: Joy Katterfeld of 2nd Chance Rescue Ranch, Jordan Mitch and Katharine Cotter, Shannon and her mom and others.

When I drove around Spokane with my dad or grandmother, I would see homeless people  everywhere. We would sometimes stop and give them change or buy them a meal. I noticed that when we gave them food, they would always share the food with their with their pet first, before eating any themselves. My dad has always been active in helping non-profit organizations, including those that support the military or veterans. When I helped him, I saw the bond between the homeless and their pets. The look of unconditional love the pet gave the owner moved me. So I founded Project Uncondtional Love when I was 12 to provide pet food to the homeless to feed their pets with. 3 and a half years later I have collected and given out over 40,000 lbs. of pet food, thousands of coats, hundreds of collars & leashes, and much more;  I support Blessings Under the Bridge, Meals on Wheels, Serve Spokane, Salvation Army, House of Charity, as well as victims of fire.

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$50 to Spay/Neuter and vaccinate the Cats and Dogs of the homeless!

Thanks to PetSavers for helping the homeless!


Includes vaccinations


Blessings Under the Bridge - Wednesday's, 6-8 pm​
Every Wednesday I work with another volunteer to pass out bags of pet food during Blessings Under the Bridge weekly event for the homeless under the I-90 overpass at 4th and  McClellan.

Serve Spokane - Weekly (Tuesday & Thursdays)  1-3 pm

I supply Serve Spokane with pet food weekly and additionally pet coats during the cold weather months.


Mid-City Concerns Meals on Wheels Program

I donate to them as I have spare or they request it.

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